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Welcome to Sleepster

The brand that gifts you peaceful sleep with so much comfort that getting up from bed in the morning would be the hardest thing for you. It is a startup brand that manufactures high-quality fiber filled mattress and pillows, so luxurious and so brilliant that you would never miss your mamma’s lap during night. Here, quality is not comprised with price.

Sleeping Tips

  • Keep your bedroom dark and at a comfortable temperature. Make sure your bed and pillow are as comfortable as possible

  • Drink plenty of water throughout day & drink a cup of warm milk at bedtime

  • Reduce or eliminate caffeine or alcohol, especially late evening

  • Keep your dinner light and avoid spicy food

  • Opt for a moderate lunch: Little rice, cereals, chapatti and serving of protein – fish, eggs, chicken, meat or beans


Sleepster Bed

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